Snapshot of the airbender kids right after Rohan reveals his new tattoos! (Jinora 22, Ikki 19, Meelo 17, Rohan 12)

Love the idea of Meelo keeping his hair. ❤

I imagine that Jinora is helping her father record knowledge from Wan Shi Tong’s library into books stored in Air Temple libraries. She’s still going steady with Kai, and every now and then they casually discuss marriage. Her dream is to compile vast libraries in the three remaining air temples and have these locations be hubs of literature, scientific knowledge, and spirituality free from political restraints. 

Meanwhile, Ikki is oblivious to the romantic advances of those around
her and usually prefers the company of spirits and animals anyway. She’s
also experimenting with how airbending can be used to muffle or enhance
sound waves and voices. When she isn’t helping her father and siblings train airbenders, she sings, sculpts, and paints.

Meelo is extremely popular with the ladies, and he is at the age where he thinks more about fun and freedom than his responsibilities or future. Still, he has grown into a fine, bright young man, and he is considering with his Uncle Bumi the tactical advantages airbenders can bring to the United Forces. In a few years, he’ll work with Bumi to establish an airbender reconnaissance and rescue team in the wake of an Earth Kingdom civil war. 

As for Rohan, he has grown up to be a sweet and intelligent boy. Like his oldest sister, Jinora, Rohan is exceptionally attuned to spiritual energy. He hasn’t managed to project his spirit yet, but he has entered the spirit world through meditation a few times already. He’s a little quiet, but quickly warms up to people and reveals his mischievous side. He enjoys drawing with Ikki, sparring with Meelo, and discussing history and literature with Jinora.


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