With these pages, I bring the first part of my story to an end!!

Bane voice: “Calm down, Korra! Now’s not the time for romance… That comes later!”

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To Be Continued in Part Two (read it here)


That’s right, I did a fake-out ending and I apologize for nothing! XD

Do not worry, I do plan on having these two share a romantic kiss, but I also want a bit more build-up to the moment when it happens.

When I started working on this comic over a year ago, I was just going to have Korra and Asami arriving in the Spirit World (just like in the original WIP pages I previewed a while back), followed by Asami tearfully confessing her love and insecurities. Then, Korra was supposed to comfort Asami and return her feelings, ending with the two of them sharing a kiss. However, the more I worked on the pages, the more ideas I began to come up with.

I mean, if they’re gonna go to the Spirit World, I want to have them doing more than just making out (well, not right away, at least). Ultimately, I decided to tell a story about Korra and Asami discovering the truth about their feelings for each other, as they take in the many wonders surrounding them. Korra and Asami meeting Iroh is still on my to-do list for this comic!

Oh, and by the way, yes, Korra saying “so pretty and cool” is a direct reference to the Legend of Korra Book 1 commentary, where Janet Varney (voice of Korra) continuously raved about how awesome Asami is.

In fact, sherbies, who works on Project Voicebend, created a compilation of said ravings…

In retrospect, it comes of as eerily prophetic, doesn’t it?


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